Friday, November 30, 2019 | Oshkosh Masonic Center | Oshkosh, WI

1. ACW All-Star Scramble Trophy Match: Seth Gambino defeated TW3, Brock Hall, Local Dad Erik, Colin Brooks, Raging Dead

2. Don Gotti defeated Levi Yoder

3. Players Club (Jayson Cash/Chris Baugher), Eugene, Tommy Dreamer defeated Delirium (Chase McCoy, Solomon Crane, Ethen Mathews, Fink)

4. ACW Water City Championship Match: Peter Schwanz defeated Aesop Mitchell to retain the championship

5. ACW Heavyweight Championship Match: Logan Lynch defeated Justin Dredd to retain the championship

6. ACW Tag Team Championship Ladder Match: Tag Team Move (Swoggle/Nick Colucci) defeated Art of War (Ben McCoy/Adam Grace), Famous Trash (Jordy Lee/Joey Avalon) and Wylde N Randy (Willy Wylde/Randy Fitzsimmons) to win the championship

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