— ACW WaterCity WrestleCon kicked off with the $5000 Battle Royal featuring the following stars:AC Riley, Aaron Sacrifice, Adam Grace, Darkchild, Devan Drake, Devlin Kain, Ethen Matthews, James Hunter, Jordy Lee, Justin Dredd, Maru, Mike Morris, Randy Fitzsimmons, Salem Crane, Stacy Shadows, Super D, Sutton Shine, Willy Wylde. The final four were Drake, Dredd, Lee, Morris. Jordy Lee eliminated Justin Dredd, who then snuck back up and pulled Jordy over the top rope. That left the often time tag team partners Mike Morris and Devan Drake. Devan instructed the behemoth to eliminate himself and tried to knock some sense into Big Mike until Mike had enough and almost effortlessly tossed Devan over the top rope to win the $5000 Battle Royal.


— WWE Hall of Famer Bret “The Hitman” Hart came to the ring and talked to the crowd about how great it was to be back in Oshkosh for the first time since 1992. He talked about how important this show was to ACW and how hard everyone worked to make it a success. He was then interrupted by ACW Tag Team Champions The Brothers of Funstruction (Ruffo and Yabo). Before any harm could come to The Best There Is, The Best There Was and The Best There Ever Will Be, former multi-time ACW Tag Team Champions The Dream Police (Gambino and Gotti) and ACW Training Academy graduate “Big Cat” Chris Baugher came to the ring and were showered with streamers as Bret Hart made his way to the back. The handicap match between the two teams ended with The Dream Police once again becoming ACW Tag Team Champions in their hometown.


— Logan Lynch made his way to the ring, with The Real Brock Hall and The Raging Dead by his side. He awaited his opponent TW3 for what some were boldly predicting as a potential Match of the Year Candidate. The two stars traded devastating strikes and kicks until TW3 ascended the turnbuckle, before he was interrupted by Logan’s allies, who caused a disqualification. After a beat down by all three men, Nick Colucci made the save and the three men fled the ring. As they attempted to leave, ACW Special Guest General Manager Vickie Guerrero came out and announced that Colucci and Hall would go one-on-one right away. Their match featured plenty of shady interference by Hall’s allies until Colucci was able to destroy Hall with a Hell Hammer. Like the previous match, this ended in a disqualification as Logan Lynch and Raging Dead jumped in and assaulted Colucci. Surprisingly, Swoggle made the save with a chair and chased the three men away.


— Vickie Guerrero came out once again and announced that although Former WWE Superstar El Torito was unable to compete in WeeLC 2 because of a serious leg injury, the fans of ACW would STILL see the match go on… with The Raging Dead taking on Swoggle! These two traded devastating blows with chairs and Swoggle took a powerslam on a ladder in the corner. The tides turned as Swoggle was able to hit three German Suplexes (referred to as Swogplex City), followed by Celtic Cross to Raging Dead onto a pile of chairs. Raging Dead was able to barely kick out, so Swoggle ascended the turnbuckle and went for a senton bomb, only to land completely on the pile of chairs. It was then that something snapped in Raging Dead’s brain as he set up six chairs in the middle of the ring, cracked Swoggle with a chair and then dragged him onto the chair structure. He tried to end Swoggle’s career with a destructive piledriver through the chairs, but that wasn’t enough damage. He set up a table on the outside of the ring and then dragged Swoggle up in the corner to superplex him through the table… when El Torito’s music hit! Torito came out to make the save and powerbomed Raging Dead through two chairs, followed by a Tadpole Splash from Swoggle for the win! The two celebrated for a minute before Raging Dead got to the ring apron and grabbed Swoggle by the neck, leading to El Torito charging and headbutting Raging Dead off the ring, crashing through the table!


— Following a brief intermission, Johnny Smash of the Fox River Raiders Semi-Pro Football Team came to the ring for his match with Former WWE Superstar Carlito. In the opening minutes of the match, Smash backed up his strong words by out-wrestling the former WWE Intercontinental and United States Champion. Carlito became frustrated and left the ring, heading backstage, only to emerge with an apple in hand. The fans went nuts when he spit the apple in the face of a person who didn’t want to be cool… Johnny Smash. Carlito followed that up by beating Smash up and down the ring until Smash was able to catch him off guard. Smash showed his mean streak by inflicting pain on Carlito until Carlito was able to get Smash up for a stalling suplex, one of the moves of Smash’s arsenal. It wasn’t long before Carlito was able to get in a Backstabber for a three count in his ACW debut!


—It was announced that Sadist and Kevin Thorn would fight for number one contendership for the ACW Heavyweight Championship. To make things even more intense, Thorn announced they would fight in an Extreme Rules Match! These two monsters brawled all over the place, taking the fans along for one hell of a ride. Thorn ended up in a trash bin where Bret Hart’s autograph table was earlier. Referee Jimmy Diamond was blinded¬†by red mist from Thorn, which left the match without a referee. Out came Psycho Chase McCoy with a hip brace on and a referee shirt in hand. The battle between the two monsters ended with a huge spear from Sadist to Thorn, making The Monster of the Midwest the number one contender for the ACW Heavyweight Championship!


—In a match that has been getting rave reviews, Young Money Colin Brooks challenged All Night Highlight Peter Schwanz for the ACW Water City Championship. With similar styles and fast pace, this match was a true spectacle and the perfect representation for the Water City Championship.¬† The reigning champ was able to hit the highest Five Star Frog Splash of his career for an insanely close near fall. Following a GTS that staggered the Water City Champion, Young Money climbed to the middle rope and was able to connect with the Young Stunner which earned him a count of two and seven eighths. The count could not have possibly been any closer. Ultimately, Schwanz was able to secure the victory via flash rollup. There is a possibility that he was pulling Brooks trunks for leverage, unbeknownst to Referee TJ Bowles. We are waiting for an alternate camera angle to confirm. One thing is for sure: this is not over between Brooks and Schwanz.


—And then it was time for the main event between three-time, reigning, defending ACW Heavyweight Champion Joey Jet Avalon and three-time former ACW Heavyweight Champion… former WWE Superstar… Mr. Anderson… Anderson. Up until that night, this was only a dream match. At WaterCity WrestleCon, that dream became a reality. Both challenger and champion were evenly matched and they unleashed every card up their sleeves in this match for the ages. The unimaginable happened when Anderson connected with the Mic Check and became a four time ACW Heavyweight Champion! The Sunnyview Expo Center erupted in celebration and that celebration turned to bewilderment when the new number one contender Sadist made his way to the ring and made his intentions clear: he WILL defeat Mr. Anderson on Friday, June 2nd and Oshkosh Masonic Center! The bombshell after bombshell concluded ACW WaterCity WrestleCon, the biggest show in ACW history with over 900 in attendance.